Dereck Revington Studio

SKIN OF fLIGHT I - Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto

Skin of fLight I was conceived as a responsive light sculpture precipitated at the threshold where aerodynamic and luminous forces meet and it is to the meeting of these forces that the sculpture was offered as a reflection. Rising mysteriously within the interior courtyard, this voluminous translucent sculpture hovers, weightless and free, at the lip of an immense skylight thirteen meters in the air. As departing travellers approach from the upper level their eyes are lifted towards the sky. As they descend on the escalators, the tapering arc of the sculpture’s underbelly, blooming with coloured light, gently guides their movements towards the departure gates. Wind sensors located on the outside of the skylight translate weather conditions into ever changing tremors of flowering light as they are guided in their passage and prepared for flight.