Dereck Revington was co-leader of a multi-disciplinary team with Bernard Tschumi Architects (New York), Sterling Finlayson Architects (Toronto) and a team of Ecologists from the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto. Revington’s role was that of Landscape Sculptor and inter-office coordinator working closely with Ecologists on the team to achieve the sculptural, functional and sustainable ecological transformation of the park over time. The team was one of five international competition finalists (from 180 submissions).

The design for Downsview Park aimed at developing a new landscape combining public uses and multicultural events together with a sustainable ecological landscape evolving over time. The strategy was to juxtapose the events of digital mass culture with the emerging ecology of the wild. Major industrial buildings, sports fields and outdoor assembly spaces house many programmatic activities along the northern cultural strip of the park. To the south the fingers of the perimeter landscape give identity and protection to the interior wilderness of the park with its Red Maple forest, Savannas and White pines.

To the north the luminous strip of the Aerospace Memorial bridges the animated cultural field from Keele Street to the Allen Road. To the south the fingers of the perimeter landscape with its earthworks, heritage groves, and gardens enfold the wildness of the parks interior.