Dereck Revington Studio

BLUEGOLD VARIATIONS - Lakeshore and Windermere Ave., Toronto

At sunset the walls of the underpasses bloom in golden light.  Dark waves glide beneath the surface, slowly turning to ultramarine as they sweep through the Gardiner Underpass, leap the gap, roll through the Railway Underpass and then draw back. 

This movement of incoming waves breaking on a shore is repeated throughout the night, its variable rhythms, speeds, hues and intensities driven by the force of the wind. In the early evening the walls as washed in gold. As the night advances they turn to blue, silvering at midnight and then to blue again. With early morning they return to gold.

Diaphanous waves of contrasting colour surge through the underworld; waves of blue in the gold phase, waves of gold in the blue phase, and in waves of rose as the winds intensify.  An ever-changing nightly circuit of difference and repetition is achieved through two interrelated lighting arrays moving in concert, responding to a wind sensor above the Gardiner Expressway, its mobility and aliveness fresh with each passing. 

Project Credits:
Artist and Prime Consultant: Dereck Revington Studio
Specialty Consultants: Westbury National Show Systems
Electrical and Utility Engineering: Robertson Bright Inc.